Sisters Go Limp – Janira Wolfe, Izzy Wolfe



Sisters Go Limp starring Janira Wolfe and Izzy Wolfe.
The gorgeous and talented sisters star in 4 short limp scenes. First, Izzy hears a noise. When she goes to investigate, Janira sneaks up behind her and uses a cloth to subdue her. Izzy does some fine work with her eyes as she goes out. Janira drags her away. Next, Janira stands at a bathroom mirror doing her make up. She doesn’t notice when Izzy emerges from a closet, soaks a cloth and sneaks up on her. Izzy uses the cloth on her sister then picks her up over her shoulder and carries her away. In the next vignette, Janira is tied up in a closet and gagged. Izzy pulls her out and pushes her up against a wall. She taunts her with a cloth, making her sniff it but then pulling it away. She applies the cloth to Janira’s face a couple more times, making her eyes flutter. Finally, she leaves the cloth on her face long enough that shes goes limp. Janira slides down the wall to the floor. In the last scene, it’s Izzy who is tied up in a closet. She’s blindfolded and is confused when Janira takes her out of the closet and pushes her against a wall. Janira tortures her sister by making her smell the cloth. She applies the cloth a few times but pulls it away. She removes the blindfold and Izzy is shocked to see that it is her sister who is torturing her. Janira uses the cloth to put her sister to sleep. This shot loses a little realism because Janira appears to be holding Izzy’s limp body up with one hand. Other than that, it’s a hot scene…and it gets better when Janira picks Izzy up and, in high heels, carries her away. Some fun outtakes follow. Scene #KOB0610

The scene is 14 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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