Silky Hair, Sleepy Girl – Eva Long



Silky Hair, Sleepy Girl starring Eva Long

Who could possibly resist beautiful Eva and her gorgeous shiny brown hair? No one! Especially not the guy in these 3 hot sleepy stories which were shot as a custom. First, Eva sits with her boyfriend Donovan talking about their plans for the evening. Eva mentions that she knows about Donovan’s secret desire to knock her out and play with her exquisite hair. She says she’s into it and Donovan happily soaks a cloth with chloroform. He stands behind Eva, sniffing and touching her hair. When Eva is ready, he clasps the cloth over her face. Her body tenses and she struggles. Her eyes roll back and she goes limp in Donovan’s arms. He continues to sniff her hair as he moves her body and head around. Next, Donovan sits on the couch with Eva in front of him. He strokes her hair while she lies there in peaceful sleep. When Eva awakens, he chloroforms her again then returns to playing with her hair. She awakens yet again and is chloroformed into unconsciousness. Next, Eva stands in front of a mirror, slowly brushing her hair. Villain Donovan spies on her, longing to touch and smell her hair. He sneaks up and clasps the cloth over her face. Eva struggles hard. Then, her eyes flutter and she goes limp in Donovan’s arms. He drags her out of the room and put her on the couch. Sitting behind her, he sniffs and strokes her hair. Eva awakens and is terrified. But Donovan slaps the cloth over her mouth and knocks her out. After a bit more hair-play, Eva awakens and is chloroformed again. In the last story, Eva comes for a photo shoot. Photographer Donovan asks her to brush her hair and soaks a cloth while he watches her. He tells Eva she has a smudge in her make up and he presses the cloth to her face. Eva is stunned and her eyes start to roll. Suddenly, Donovan turns her around and grabs her from behind. As Eva breathes in the fumes, she struggles but then gets weaker. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. Donovan sits on the couch with Eva in front of him. He sniffs her hair and plays with it. Eva awakens 2 more times and is quickly chloroformed again. 46 minutes. Scene #KOB0671

MP4 1920×1080

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