Silence the Witness – Charlotte Stokely and Loren Chance


Silence the Witness starring Charlotte Stokely, Loren Chance
Blonde beauty Charlotte is a witness in a big trial. Officer Loren has been assigned to protect her. She leaves Charlotte alone briefly while she secures the house, but an intruder has already broken in. Mob henchman Danny sneaks up behind Loren and holds a chloroform-soaked rag over her face until her eyes flutter, her body goes limp and she passes out. He drags her limp body to the bed. When Charlotte goes looking for Loren, Danny sneaks up and smothers her with the rag. Terrified, Charlotte fights hard but, with much fluttering of her eyes, she passes out. Danny carries her off to the living room, where he strips her down to bra and panties and fondles her for a while. Charlotte’s slim body and creamy skin are amazing to look at. Meanwhile Loren awakens and staggers around the room. Danny leaves Charlotte and attacks Loren with the chloroform, pushing her onto the bed. She tries to resist but is too weak and soon she is unconscious once again. Charlotte awakens and staggers down the hall. Danny catches her wandering around and chloroforms her again. Charlotte has some fight in her, but it is not long before she is unconscious. Danny drags her back over to the couch where he strips her out of the bra and panties and molests her some more. He sucks and squeezes her tits and plays with her body. Just when Danny decides not to harm the lovely Charlotte, Loren returns and brings the story to a shocking conclusion. Scene #KOB0283
20 minutes. The photo set contains 111 photos. MP4 640×480

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