She Followed Me Home – Kitty Cam and Agatha Delicious


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She Followed Me Home starring Kitty Cam and Agatha Delicious
A hot chloroform clip! Kitty was out at a club. At home, she talks to her friend on the phone and tells her about a woman who seemed to be following her. Kitty has no idea that the woman, Agatha, is in the house, spying on her and soaking a cloth with chloroform. When Kitty least expects it, Agatha pounces on her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. Agatha drags her limp victim to the sofa where she fondles her luscious body. She strips Kitty naked for more intimate groping. When Kitty awakens, Agatha uses the cloth to knock her out again. Left alone, Kitty awakens and plans revenge. She soaks the cloth and sits on a high shelf. When Agatha returns, Kitty wraps her legs around her and chloroforms her. When Agatha passes out, she falls to the floor. The excellent outtakes, which are sold separately contain lots of alternate takes of the knock outs. The scene is 18 minutes. Outtakes are 11 minutes. The photo set has 86 photos. Scene #KOB0791
HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 815MB
Outtakes – 511MB

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