She Cant Testify if She is Gagged – Charlie Laine and Tori Sinclair


She Can’t Testify if She is Gagged starring Charlie Laine and Tori Sinclair
Lusty crime boss Tori Sinclair has kidnapped sweet, sexy Charlie Laine to keep her from testifying against her in court. She brings the terrified Charlie to her headquarters. Charlie looks adorable in short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels. Her hands are bound behind her and a white cloth is pulled tightly between her teeth. Tori terrorizes Charlie by pulling up her skirt, opening her blouse and fondling her luscious, vulnerable body. Charlie is then tied bent over a chair and tormented further by Tori. Then, Tori leaves Charlie alone to suffer for a while. Menacing mistress Tori continues tormenting innocent Charlie, who is now bound to a chair with legs apart and hands over head. She whimpers into her tight cloth gag. Tori exposes and fondles Charlies supple tits and perfect nipples while verbally taunting her. She hikes up Charlie’s skirt so we can see her pussy through her sheer nylons. Charlie finds herself bound on a table in an uncomfortable position. She looks hot and humiliated, ball-gagged in sexy sheer lingerie. Tori, now dressed as a dominatrix, fondles and gropes Charlie. She exposes her tits, twists her nipples and caresses her all over. Tori is really believable as the evil woman with a lust for ladies.  Charlie looks amazingly hot in black and pink lingerie. She is tied on top of a table, bound to its legs and to the ceiling by a rope harnessing her waist. Her luscious ass is sticking straight up in the air begging you to take a bite out of it. Dominatrix Tori walks over and spanks that ass red while Charlie cries in protest. In response, Tori pinches and slaps Charlies nipples. The torment continues when Charlie finds herself fully nude, bound and gagged in another humiliating position. Elevated up on a table and bound to the post standing behind her, her thighs and calves are bound together, as well as her wrists and ankles, and she is gagged with black duct tape. Tori shows up, still in her dominatrix clothing, and licks Charlies nipples while groping her. Her hands get so close to Charlies exposed pussy that Charlie looks terrified…or does she secretly like it? The muffled moaning behind her gag could point either way. Eventually, Tori leaves Charlie to suffer all alone. The outtakes include behind the scenes footage of Charlie getting tied up for the shoot by Loren Chance, as well as some footage of Charlie and Tori posing for photos. Scene #BG0395

44 minutes. The photo set contains 85 photos. MP4 640×480

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