Sharing the Cloth – Scarlett Mae



Sharing the Cloth starring Scarlett Mae

Beautiful Scarlett uses the cloth on you and on herself in this hot POV clip! Scarlett comes home from a night out (it’s not clear whether she’s your stepdaughter or your roommate or someone else…so you can create your own fantasy around it). She tells you about something new all her friends are trying – chloroform! She opens a bottle and soaks a cloth. She holds the cloth to her face. Her eyes roll back and she looks disoriented. She holds it to her face a few more times. Then she comes over to you and holds the cloth to your face a few times. You start to go to sleep but Scarlett pulls it away before you do. Scarlett goes back to the couch and inhales through the cloth a few more time until she goes limp. You play with her body a bit while she sleeps. When Scarlett awakens, she talks about how much she enjoyed it and urges you to give it a try. She comes over to you and holds the cloth to your face, then to her own. She tells you it’s time to go out for good and holds the cloth to your face until everything goes dark. 12.5 minutes. Scene #KOB0719
HD MP4 1920 x 1080 (479MB)

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