Sexy Superheroines 4 – Stacy Burke and Eve Ellis

Sexy Superheroines 4 starring Stacy Burke and Eve Ellis
Two goddesses of the fetish world star in this very hot, very exciting scene, which features bondage, knock outs (non-chloroform), cat-fighting, a bit of hypnotism and some unusual special effects. In clip 1, after receiving a secret message from a mysterious voice in the wind, news reporter Eve transforms into Superdame and goes out looking for her archenemy Sorceress (Stacy). Arriving at Sorceress headquarters, Superdame, in her super-sexy outfit with cape, gloves and boots, is attacked by a small children’s toy that fires a laser at her, slowly knocking her unconscious. Then the fun begins. Stacy drags Eve by her legs into another room and then fondles her unconscious victim. Stacy ties up Eve (on screen) and even gags her with her own cape! When she regains consciousness, Stacy pulls Eves top down and fondles her luscious tits. Eve is left to struggle, bound and gagged on the floor. Eventually Eve manages to escape, and starts to look for Stacy. In clip 2, Eve and Stacy have a catfight which includes Eve squeezing Stacy between her legs. Stacy then knocks out Eve using Damonyte, the only element that can destroy her. Eve awakens bound and tape-gagged to a chair. Stacy torments and humiliates her, then leaves her there to struggle. In clip 3, Eve manages to escape, only to get knocked out again by Stacy. When Eve regains consciousness, Stacy tries hypnotizing her in an effort to bring her to the evil side. When Stacy leaves the room for a moment, Eve awakens from her hypnotic trance, but pretends to still be hypnotized. Then Eve uses her superheroine powers to knock Stacy unconscious. Later, Stacy awakens bound and gagged with red, white and blue restraints. Scene #SHMI0020
Clip 1 is 23 minutes. Clip 2 is 16 minutes. Clip 3 is 17 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. MP4 640×480

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