Sexy Superheroines 3 – Stacy Burke and Darby


Sexy Superheroines 3 starring Stacy Burke and Darby
Two Anton favorites look spectacular and give great performances in this exciting scene that features mind control, knock outs, bondage and some fun special effects. Stacy plays The Pink Feline and Darby plays All American Girl. These two superheroines are friends but everything changes when the girls encounter Dr. Anton. In clip 1, Stacy goes to the doctor for some therapy. Using his calm, reassuring voice, the doctor puts Stacy into a deep trance. Instead of helping her, he orders her to model for him. Then he makes her call Darby to lure her to his headquarters. In clip 2, Darby arrives and is promptly attacked by the entranced Stacy. A wild catfight ensues and Darby has to chloroform her friend Stacy to protect herself. She then binds and gags Stacy (on camera) and goes off to search the place. When Stacy wakes up, she struggles hard against her bonds and eventually escapes. In clip 3, Darby returns and is attacked by Stacy again. The girls roll around on the floor, fighting hard. Stacy clasps chloroform over Darbys face and, with lots of eye-rolling, Darby passes out. She awakens tied to a chair in a strange room. Stacy, in her evil persona, fondles and taunts the helpless Darby. Then, Dr Anton puts Darby in a trance. Darby fights his mesmerizing powers but eventually, her eyes turn glassy and she is in a deep trance. The evil Stacy fondles the entranced Darby. She snaps her fingers and Darby becomes evil. In clip 4, the girls commit a robbery but Stacy double-crosses Darby and knocks her out with chloroform. She pulls Darbys clothes aside, exposing her tits and crotch and leaves her there. Later, Darby chloroforms Stacy, ties her up and tries to get her out of the trance. Stacy pretends to be Darbys friend again but, when Darby looks away, Stacy knocks her out with chloroform. In clip 5, Stacy strips Darby naked and ties her up. When we next see the girls, they are both naked, tied up and listening to Dr. Anton. The doctor puts both girls in a deep trance and sends them off to work for him. The outtakes include some unused footage from a chloroform scene and a couple of trance scenes. Throughout the scene, the girls performances are top notch. There are plenty of glassy eyes in the trance scenes and some thrilling eye-rolling in the KO scenes. This is one of our older videos. Scene #SHMI0013
Clip 1 is 14 minutes. Clip 2 is 19 minutes. Clip 3 is 19 minutes. Clip 4 is 14 minutes. Clip 5 is 13 minutes. The outtakes are 3 minutes. MP4 640×480

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