Sexy Sleepy Soles – Diana Grace



Sexy Sleepy Soles starring Diana Grace
Diana couldn’t be more beautiful or seductive in this feast for fans of feet and resting! Diana is your roommate and she’s a bit concerned after finding a bottle of liquid and a piece of white cloth in your room. She demands some answers and questions what you’ve been using it for. You think you’re in real trouble until Diana confesses that she’s totally turned on by the fact that you’ve been sneaking into her room at night and using it on her! The sexy shoes she’s been dangling fall off her feet revealing her flawless soles in sheer black hose. Diana describes how excited she gets knowing that you enjoy her body and her luscious feet while she’s resting. She soaks the cloth and teases you by sniffing it. She holds it to her face over and over and pulls it away. Each time, her amazing eyes roll back and flutter. When she’s at the point where she can’t stay awake much longer , you start rubbing her feet, making her moan with pleasure. You know she wants you to use the cloth on her so you soak it and hold it over her face. When you pull it away, she gasps and you put it back again. The last time you pull it away, she pushes it back onto her face! You hold it there until she goes limp. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included with the Full Scene. There’s also a clip of second camera footage which gives you alternate angles of some of the shots. Scene #KOB0734

The Full Scene is 24 minutes. MP4 – HD (975MB)
Second Camera is 14 minutes. MP4 – HD (588MB)

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