Sexy Slave Baron – Andrea Neal and Mary Jane Green


Sexy Slave Baron starring Andrea Neal and Mary Jane Green
Beautiful brunette Mary Jane has kidnapped her co-worker Andrea Neal. Poor, innocent Andrea is tightly bound to chair and cleave gagged. Mary Jane plans to sell Andrea into sex slavery to a client who is on his way to pick her up. Terrified, Andrea moans helplessly while Mary Jane taunts her about her fate. When the client arrives, he mistakes MJ for an escaped sex slave! Next time we see the girls, they are both topless, gagged and tied up next to each other on the couch. Both girls are sporting sexy black heals. Later, they are both bound with leather. The girls look incredible in just panties and thigh high hose. They stand there, whimpering, ball-gagged with their feet in cuffs. They twist and turn, kicking their shapely stocking feet around as villain Jack tells them what will happen to them. These two are going to make some really hot sex slaves! Scene #BG0313
18 minutes. MP4 640×480

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