Sexy Sister Shoot Out – Jolene Hexx, Diana Grace



Sexy Sister Shoot Out starring Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace

The girls look great and give fine campy performances in these 2 fun toy gun scenarios. In the first, outlaw sisters Diana and Jolene are hiding out in a car. They’ve been ambushed and the cops are firing at them from all sides. Refusing to surrender, they return fire. Jolene is shot and falls back, clutching her chest. Diana continues to fight. But then she is also hit and falls next to her sister. The girls exchange some corny dialogue while their eyes roll back and they die. A cop opens the car door and moves the girls limp bodies around a bit. In the second scenario, the girls are in a house, fighting it out with the cops again, returning fire relentlessly. Jolene is hit and falls to the couch in agony. Diana comforts her sister while continuing to fight. Jolene’s eyes roll back and she dies, hanging over the arm of the couch. Then Diana is hit and falls back against a wall, sliding to the floor where she passes away. A cop comes in and briefly manipulates the girls bodies. He partially strips them and leaves them there. 16 minutes. Scene #KOB0740

HD MP4 (1920×1080 721MB)

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