Severance Payback: A Gagged and Groped Story – Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie



Severance Payback starring Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie
Ashley and Chrissy endure endless humiliation in this intense scene! In Clip 1, Chrissy just started working at a new company and boss Ashley shows her around. But, when 2 male employees sexually harass Chrissy, Ashley fires them. Later, the guys return and grab the girls. They handgag them and grope them. Then, they put the girls over their laps and spank them hard. They use cloths to make the girls go limp. In Clip 2, the girls are tied with hands over head and gagged with tape. The guys grope them and cruelly taunt them. The girls are told that their ordeal is being live streamed and men are bidding to buy the girls as slaves. For more humiliation, the girls are made to kiss and touch each other. The girls are made to dance like strippers and are spanked and insulted while they do. Someone online purchases the girls and they are carried off, pleading and crying. A few minutes of outtakes are included with the full scene or with Clip 2. Scene #BG0839

HD MP4 1920×1080
Full Scene – 39:00 HD-1.79GB
Clip 1 –  17:00 HD-814MB
Clip 2 –  22:00 HD-995MB

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