Secretary Becomes a Slave – Star Nine


Secretary Becomes a Slave starring Star
Star is one of the best bondage actresses around and she gives a great performance in this hot scene. She looks great, too. Star comes in for a job interview and is offered some water. She drinks it and starts to get very tired. She tries to continue answering the questions but then her eyes roll and she passes out. She awakens tied to a post in a scary dungeon. Her abductor enters, packs her mouth with cloth and tapes her lips shut. The guy gropes her hot body and verbally torments her. He cuts her shirt off and pulls down her skirt and panties. Star is horrified to learn that she will be sold as a slave. Later, Star is dressed in hot lingerie with garters, hose and heels. Her wrists and elbows are tightly bound behind her and, despite her pleading, her captor ballgags her. A leash is attached to a collar on her neck and she is forced to walk around the dungeon. The guy cruelly taunts Star and physically intimidates her. When a buyer shows up to look at Star, he gropes her breasts and body. She is stripped naked for more humiliation. The leash is attached to a wooden post and Star is left there while the guys go off to discuss the sale. Lots of drool comes out from around the ballgag as Star pleads for release. The outtakes include shots of Star putting on stockings and being bound and gagged. Scene #BG0643

30 minutes. The outtakes are 10 minutes. The photo set contains 136 photos. MP4 1280×680

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