Screw My Mission, I Want Your Limp Body – Jade Nile and Diana Grace



Screw My Mission, I Want Your Limp Body starring Jade Nile and Diana Grace
Jade and Diana are rival spies who put their rivalry aside so they can enjoy some extremely erotic chloroform and limp play!  In Clip 1, Jade sneaks into Diana’s house and snoops around. Diana catches her and clasps a rag over her face.  Jade fights hard but then her eyes flutter and she passes out in Diana’s arms. Diana searches Jade and soon finds herself very aroused. She fondles her new captive, giving special attention to her feet and her luscious smooth belly. When Jade awakens, Diana quickly knocks her out again. After some more fondling, Jade awakens again and she doesn’t even care about her mission.  She is so turned on by the chloroform and her helplessness that she wants Diana to try it.  Reluctantly, Diana agrees and chloroforms her.  Jade enjoys Diana’s limp body, her cute feet and her tasty belly. Diana awakens once and is quickly put out again by Jade. When she wakes a second time, she confesses her excitement to Jade and they decide to play some more. In Clip 2, Jade waits with anticipation as Diana soaks a cloth and sneaks up behind her.  Jade tenses up but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Diana plays with her body and licks her belly.  She slides off Jade’s tight pants and gropes her some more.  When Jade awakens, the girls decide to have some more fun. This time, Jade sneaks up behind Diana and chloroforms her.  Diana moans with pleasure as she goes limp.  Jade takes off Diana’s top and gropes her beautiful body and breasts. Diana awakens wanting to grope her new friend. She holds the cloth to Jade’s face from the front.  Jade goes limp on Diana’s shoulder. Diana removes Jade’s top and gropes her all over. She licks her belly and tits.  Jade awakens and decides to tease Diana.  She holds the cloth to her face and pulls it away several times, groping her body the whole time.  They decide to take a nap together. Each girl holds a cloth to her own face and fondles her friend while they pass out. The hot outtakes include lots of alternate takes of the chloroforming and limp play. Scene #KOB0745

Clip 1 – 25min – HD 1920×1080 (1.5GB) $16
Clip 2 – 25min – HD 1920×1080 (1.3GB) $16
Outtakes – 14min – HD 1920×1080 (649MB) $8

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