Scarlett Tied Twice – Scarlett Mae


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Scarlett Tied Twice starring Scarlett Mae
You get 2 great scenes in one clip! First, Scarlett looks great in a hot POV bondage clip! Reporter Scarlett was caught snooping around. Now she’s tied up and gagged and it’s your job to keep an eye on her. But she looks so hot in her tight dress and stockings that you can’t resist her. You untie her ankles and knees and she puts her sexy feet in your lap. She teases you with her eyes so you take her gag off. She tells you she’ll run off with you if you untie her. You try to resist but she looks so good. She lets you fondle her tits and ass while her hands are still tied. Finally you untie her hands and she promises to go with you. But, she has a final surprise for you. In the second scene, Scarlett lies on her bed in her underwear, bound and gagged with tape. She squirms and struggles but can’t get free. There are some great shots of her luscious bare feet. The bad guy comes in at the end and gropes poor Scarlett. 20 minutes. Scene #BG0825

MP4 1920×1080

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