Rough Day at the Office – Ariel Anderssen and Darby


Rough Day at the Office starring Ariel Anderssen and Darby
This tense and exciting scene features excellent performances by long time favorite Darby and pretty British model Ariel. When the rest of the staff away at a convention, Darby and Ariel are alone in the office when two gun-wielding robbers enter. The terrified secretaries are tightly bound and gagged with duct tape and left on the floor while the criminals work on the office safe. They struggle in vain against the tightness of the shiny tape. Removing their shoes, they try to use their nyloned toes to free each other but they can not. The sadistic thieves return and decide to terrorize their helpless victims. The girls are fondled and partially stripped. To humiliate them, the guys push them together so that their tits touch. They make them kiss through their gags. The creeps even push the girls over a desk and fondle their sexy asses. The girls are brought to the basement where they plead to be released. They are forced to strip and each girl is ordered to gag the other with pantyhose. The girls are left bound with their arms pulled up behind them, whimpering into their gags. The outtakes feature the girls being tied up on camera, for the clothed scene and the nude rope tied scene. Scene #BG0121
MP4 640×480
24 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes.

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