Roped Up Real Estate Agent – Ariel Anderson


Roped Up Real Estate Agent starring Ariel Anderson
First, devious criminals Joe and Jack are shown a house by sexy, realtor Ariel, a sophisticated blond Brit. Ariel soon learns that the goons plan to pull a huge heist by digging their way from the basement of this house to the house next door. Before they can get started though, they will have to make sure she stays put. Jack forces Ariel to the floor and ties her up on camera. She begs them to let her go, but they do not want to hear it. Jack is very mean to his terrified victim. He grabs her face, slaps her and barks orders at her. Ariel is hot and helpless in her tight red dress, sheer black pantyhose and high heels as she struggles and whimpers in pain. Joe taunts Ariel, telling her that she will have to suffer through being securely gagged. Jack stuffs packing in her mouth, ties a cloth between her teeth and then ties another cloth over Ariels mouth. Just to make her more helpless, the guys blindfold Ariel and leave her squirming on the floor while they dig their tunnel. Jack comes back and sits Ariel upright. He removes her blindfold and acts like he is going to play nice, then he torment her horribly. He gropes her tits, reaches down into her crotch and slaps her ass. Then he hand gags her while he whispers threats into her ear. Then, while Jack is digging, Joe takes a break so he can grope Ariel. He pulls her straps down to reveal her sweet perky nipples. He pays special attention to her crotch and ass, making her cry out in shame as she is fondled and spanked. Joe has to get back to digging, so he leaves Ariel there on her knees, ass-out, kneeling over a table. The villains come back to torment Ariel some more. They allow her to untie herself and remove her gag. Then, they make her strip naked and gag herself with her own pantyhose. They tie her in the closet kneeling with her hands tied above her head. Once they have fondled her some more, they close the door and leave her in there. Ariel panics and struggles hard as she hears the creeps discussing her fate. Knowing her life depends on it, she works hard to free herself from her bondage. Will she make it in time? You will be stunned by the intense conclusion to this incredible story! This scene features tight ropework by Jack Banner and an excellent performance by Ariel. Scene #BG0332.
39 minutes. MP4 640×480

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