Roommate Slumber Party – Eva Long and Jolene Hexx



Roommate Slumber Party starring Eva Long and Jolene Hexx

Two of the hottest girls on earth star in this extremely erotic chloroform scene. In Clip 1, you come home to find that your roommates, Eva and Jolene, have found some chloroform in your room. They confront you about it. They’re a little concerned…and a bit intrigued. They decide they want to try it. They soak a cloth and sniff it, making their eyes roll. Jolene stands up and waits for Eva to grab her from behind. When she does, Jolene fights a bit but then gives in to the fumes. Her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Eva asks you what she should do with her. She plays with Jolene, fondling her body and licking her belly. When Jolene wakes up, she’s turned on and wants to use it on Eva. Eva stands and Jolene grabs her from behind. Eva’s body tenses up but then goes limp. Jolene enjoys her friend’s body, groping her and playing with her sexy belly. Eva awakens refreshed and excited. In Clip 2, Jolene sits in a chair and Eva applies the cloth from behind. Jolene struggles and her eyes flutter as she goes limp. Eva removes Jolene’s top and enjoys her tits, groping and licking them. Of course, she also plays with her belly. Jolene awakens and uses the cloth to put Eva to sleep. Removing Eva’s top, Jolene fondles and licks her breasts and belly. Eva awakens and the girls ask you what you want to see next. Eva grabs the cloth and presses it to Jolene’s face. The girls grope each other while inhaling the fumes. They stand up and tell you that you can do whatever you want to them once they’re unconscious. They apply the chloroform to each other’s faces, groping each other intensely while their eyes flutter and they fall limply to the couch. Now, it’s your turn. You grope their breasts and bodies briefly as the scene ends. 3 minuets of outtakes, including alternate edits of a couple of the knock outs, are included with the Full Scene or with Clip 2. Scene #KOB0735

HD MP4 1920×1080

The Full Scene is 48 minutes (2.3GB), Clip 1 is 26 minutes (1.4GB), Clip 2 is 23 minutes (930MB).

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