Roommate Revenge – Ember Stone and Miss Tiffany



Roommate Revenge starring Ember Stone and Miss Tiffany
Tiffany is a dominatrix conducting a session at her home. She gets interrupted by her noisy roommate Ember. When Ember refuses shut up, Tiffany decides to use some of her sexy dom gear to get revenge! She puts a collar on feisty Ember’s neck and cuffs her hands and feet so she can shut her up. She packs her victim’s loud mouth with her socks and gags her with cloth to keep her quiet. Tiffany puts a leash on Ember’s collar and attaches it to the bedframe, then leaves Ember to struggle and whimper helplessly in her sexy panties. But after a lot of struggling, Ember is able to free herself and waits for Tiffany to return so she can have her turn at revenge! She nabs Tiffany and ties her hands behind her back with rope so she can take off Tiffanys socks and pack her mouth with them. She gags her with the same cloth used on her to see how she likes being shut up with a mouth full of socks! She ties Tiffanys legs together before groping and taunting her. Then its Embers turn to leave Tiffany there helpless! Tiffany gets a taste of her own medicine as she struggles and whimpers in her hot black outfit.
The outtakes feature the girls joking around on set, as well as some great footage from a second camera. You get great views of their sexy bodies as they take each other captive and struggle against their binds and gags! Scene #BG0806

MP4 1920×1080. The scene is 16 minutes. The outtakes are 12 minutes.

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