Roommate Hostages starring Charlie Laine, Sinn Sage, Tatiana


Roommate Hostages starring Charlie, Sinn and Tatiana
An exciting crime story with great knock outs and bondage. The girls look totally hot in business skirt outfits with pantyhose and heels. First, Charlie is chloroformed at her back door by Mr. Steele and carried into the house. He manipulates her limp body and throws her around on the couch, then uses her own hand to fondle and violate her with. He opens her blouse and then drags her into another room. Then, she awakens bound to a kitchen chair. She struggles and whimpers until Mr. Steele stuffs packing in her mouth and cloth gags her. She is ordered to knock out her roommates so that they can be used as hostages. Later, Sinn comes home and Charlie (still gagged) hits her over the head with a club, then drags her into the bedroom. The same horrible thing happens to Tatiana as she walks in the door. In the bedroom, Steele forces Charlie to undress and feel up her unconscious friends, despite her pleading. Tatiana and Sinn come to all tied up and terrified. Charlie is forced to gag her frightened friends with packing and cleave gags, then she is sent to steal important evidence from her law office. Sinn and Tatiana struggle hard and nearly escape their dismal predicament. Steel catches the girls as they try to escape and he knocks them out with chloroform. He strips their limp bodies of everything except pantyhose, then he molests their helpless young flesh. Charlie returns from her forced errand, and Steele chloroforms her again. Later, all three hotties are left bound, naked and whimpering in the closet. This story is loaded with great knock outs, unconscious manipulation and tight bondage. Charlie and Sinn are incredibly hot and give very realistic performances. The outtakes, which include several alternate takes of chloroform knock outs, suffering, bound, naked babes and on camera tying, pack a lot of great material into a short time. Scene #KOTI0009
MP4 640×480 44 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set contains 295 photos.

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