Roommate for Sale – Chrissy Marie and Ashley Lane



Roommate For Sale starring Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie
The girls are gorgeous and give excellent performances in this thrilling story! Ashley owes gangster Donovan a ton of money. Unable to pay, she agrees to sell her good girl roommate Chrissy into slavery. Ashley distracts Chrissy with small talk while Donovan soaks a cloth and sneaks up. He grabs Chrissy and clasps the cloth over her face. Chrissy struggles hard while Ashley cruelly taunts her. With Donovan groping her luscious tits, Chrissy slowly passes out. They throw her on the bed and strip her to her undies. Neither can resist Chrissy’s hot body so they both fondle her. When Chrissy awakens, Donovan gags her with cloth and tape. Ashley starts fondling her former friend, sitting on her lap. Meanwhile, Donovan sneaks up on Ashley, cloth in hand. Though Chrissy tries to warn her, Ashley is taken by surprise when Donovan chloroforms her. Both girls end up bound, standing in a doorway. When Ashley wakes up, she screams obscenities at Donovan and is quickly gagged. The girls endure endless humiliation with the cruel gangster groping their bodies, breasts and asses. He even spanks them. He tells them that this is all being filmed for their new owner. Ashley has to watch while Donovan chloroforms Chrissy. Then he chloroforms her. Both girls end up lying on the bed, unconscious. The exciting outtakes feature extra footage from the knock outs plus shots of the girls being tied and joking around on set. The Special Edit Clip is just the sleepy footage. it includes the chloroformings and all unconscious fondling. Scene #KOTI0226
The full scene is 36 minutes.  The outtakes are 11.5 minutes, the Special Edit is 18 minutes.1920×1080

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