Roommate for Rent – Charlie Laine and Mary Jane Green


Roommate for Rent starring Charlie Laine and Mary Jane Green

Charlie, looking incredibly hot in short skirt, sexy panties, tight top and boots, comes to see Mary Jane about a room for rent. Charlie is excited about moving in. But, when she is distracted, MJ smacks her in the head with a club, leaving her very dazed. A second blow slows her down some more but she still does not pass out. So MJ soaks a cloth in chloroform and attaches it to Charlies face with a mask. Charlies eyes roll back in her head and she falls unconscious. MJ wastes no time calling a local creep who comes over to play with the helplessly limp Charlie. The guy manipulates her body and partially undresses her so he can fondle her smooth skin. He also takes her boots off and plays with her feet. But, when Mary Jane asks for more money, the guy gets irritated and knocks her out with a blow to the head, leaving her lying limp next to Charlie. Scene #KOB0406

10 minutes.  The photo set has 51 photos. MP4 640×480

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