Rockstar in Ropes – Charlotte Stokely, Mary Jane Green



Rockstar in Ropes starring Charlotte Stokely and Mary Jane Green
Charlotte looks incredible in skin tight leggings, sexy top and boots. She’s a singer and she strums on a guitar, writing the last song for her new album. She calls a friend to tell her the album is done. She’s very happy but expresses concern about disgruntled former employee Mary Jane. Charlotte goes to the kitchen and when she comes back, Mary Jane is waiting for her. She grabs Charlotte from behind and clasps a cloth over her mouth. Charlotte struggles hard and eventually breaks free. She tries to stagger away but Mary Jane pushes her onto a coffee table, straddles her and chloroforms her from the front. She drags her to the bedroom and ties her up on screen. Charlotte awakens and is horrified. She begs not to be gagged but Mary Jane packs her mouth and pulls a shiny silver cloth between her teeth. Charlotte is left there, struggling helplessly. She gets up and hops to the living room. With great difficulty, she manages to get untied. Later, MJ returns and is enraged when she finds her victim missing. Suddenly, Charlotte bursts out of one of the room and tries to chloroform Mary Jane from the front. Mary Jane manages to break Charlotte’s hold on her and starts to stagger away. But she falls to her knees and Charlotte comes up behind her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. MJ awakens, tied to a chair and gagged with the silver cloth. She struggles and whimpers helplessly as Charlotte taunts her and teases her. Charlotte soaks a cloth in chloroform and applies it over Mary Jane’s gag, knocking her out again. About 2 minutes of great outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOTI0217
32 minutes. 1280×640 The photo set has 106 photos.

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