RoboBabes – Nina Neon and Tiffany Taylor


Robobabes starring Nina Neon and Tiffany Taylor
Nina and Tiffany are corporate spies hired to take down Steve’s company. Before heading out to do some spying, Tiffany gets out of bed, strips naked and gets dressed in her hot business skirt outfit with stockings. When she is caught trying to access Steves computer files, he injects her with a robot serum. She tries to flee but the serum kicks in, turning her into a robot. Steve amuses himself with her, commanding her dance and pose in silly positions. Unable to protest, Tiffany silently does as she is told and is compelled to strip naked and allow Steve to fondle her lovely (extremely lovely!) breasts and body. When Nina tries to save Tiffany, she is shocked to find her in a trance. Tiffany has a needle full of the serum and she injects the unsuspecting Nina, turning her into a mindless slave as well. Nina is also made to dance and is further humiliated by Steve when he orders her to act like a gorilla. The girls are then compelled to brush their own hair and each others. Steve then commands the luscious pair to act as his servants, cleaning his house while outfitted in sexy French Maid uniforms. The girls brush their hair again. Then, at Steve’s command, they perform a sultry dance, slowly stripping each other of their clothes until they are both nude, caressing each other and kissing in an exciting make out scene. This title was shot as a custom video and the scenes of the girls brushing each others hair are fairly long. Scene #STR0095
MP4 640×480.  50 minutes. The photo set has 245 photos.

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