Rival Cheerleaders with Rope – Ashley Lane and Jolene Hexx



Rival Cheerleaders with Rope starring Ashley Lane and Jolene Hexx
The girls are hot and look great tied up in this fun story! Ashley is excited about making friends and planning a dance with rival Jolene. But when she’s not looking, Jolene jumps on her.  She ties Ashley up, taunting her the whole time.  Jolene takes off her smelly socks and uses one to gag poor Ashley. She then wraps white tape around her head. She even removes Ashley’s socks and tapes them over her hands so she can’t get untied. Ashley is further humiliated when Jolene puts her feet on her and uses her like a cushion. Jolene calls her friends from the rival school and tells them to come over to Ashley’s dorm.  She even takes a photo of the struggling Ashley and sends it to them. Ashley is left alone and struggles hard. Suddenly, she hears people approaching. Jolene comes in and invites all her friends to see helpless Ashley! In an alternate ending, Ashley gets untied. When Jolene returns, Ashley grabs her and ties her up. Jolene is gagged with her own sock and some white tape. Ashley teases Jolene by putting her stocking feet on her. Jolene is left alone and suffers the humiliation of having her friends find her! 18 minutes. Scene #BG0829

MP4 HD 1920 x 1080 (663mb)

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