Reporter in Ropes – Ember Stone



Reporter in Ropes starring Ember Stone
Ember looks incredible in this fun clip. We tried to create a POV style scene. It didn’t work exactly how we wanted but its very entertaining anyway. You’ve been put in charge of watching Ember, a pesky reporter who knows too much. In a sexy dress, pantyhose and boots, Ember is bound in a chair and gagged. The boss tells you to keep an eye on her. But Ember starts making noise. She hops over and sits on your lap. Eventually, you take her gag off and she starts teasing you, asking to be untied. She hops back to her chair and puts her feet in your lap. Foolishly, you untie her ankles and take her boots off so you can rub her feet. But she keeps teasing you so you untie her knees also. Again, she sits in your lap, trying to convince you to untie her hands. Finally, you give in and untie her. But you let your guard down and she gets the upper hand! Some of the footage where she sits on your lap is shot with a GoPro camera for a POV feel. The part where you rub her feet was shot with a different camera. The footage looks better but its not exactly POV. Overall, some of the camera work is a bit sloppy but the scene is fun and well worth the price.

The lengthy outtakes (longer than the main clip!) include lots of second camera footage of Ember in bondage plus some additional GoPro footage. Scene #BG0796

MP4 1280×720. The scene is 13 minutes, the outtakes are 17 minutes.

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