Reporter in Peril – Cali Logan


Reporter in Peril starring Cali Logan
Cali gives a powerful dramatic performance in this tense crime story. The tasty brunette is a meddling reporter who has been captured by evil businessman Donovan. Bound to a chair, Cali tries to reason with her captor but he stuffs a rag in her mouth and ties a cloth tightly between her teeth. Cali listens in terror as Donovan discusses her fate with an accomplice on the phone. Another cloth gag is tied over Cali’s other gag. She whimpers as her luscious tits and body are fondled and groped. Left alone, Cali struggles against her very secure bondage…her elbows are tied together and then tied to the chair. With great effort, she manages to free herself from the confines of the chair and, kicking off her shoes, she hops across the room. Finding a cell phone, she tries to dial it with her toes but she is caught by Donovan, who forces her to hop to another room. There, Cali is ordered to strip naked. To further humiliate her, the creep makes her ask to be tied up and gagged. Cali’s naked body is securely bound with lots of rope. She is gagged on screen with packing and tape and again must endure being cruelly groped. Left alone, Cali hops around and tries to get free but is caught in the act. She ends up bound on the floor. One rope secures her ankles to the leg of the bed (it goes around her feet as well). Another rope secures her at the neck! Cali whimpers tearfully as Donovan cruelly taunts her and leaves her there, knowing that no one will find her. She wants to struggle but it is too dangerous! The outtakes include some excellent footage of Cali being tied up and lying around bound and gagged. Scene #BG0563

MP4 640×480. 24 minutes. The outtakes are 8 minutes. The photo set has 83 photos.

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