Reporter in Peril – Brooke Johnson



Reporter in Peril starring Brooke Johnson
Gorgeous Brooke makes her Anton debut in this thrilling damsel in distress scene which also introduces menacing villain Victor! Looking amazing in a tight black dress and pantyhose, Brooke goes undercover to investigate a human trafficking organization. Victor sneaks up on and chloroforms her. He carries her to a sofa. Brooke awakens tightly bound with tape. To silence her protests, Victor gags her with tape wrapped around her head. He torments and gropes his helpless victim as she whimpers in fear. Left alone, Brooke struggles hard. She slides her shoes off and tries to hop to safety. But Victor catches her and carries her off over his shoulder. Brooke is untied and Victor further humiliates her by making her strip naked. Brooke is bound with strips of shiny black cloth. The cruel villain uses another strip to tightly gag her. He gropes and taunts her while she struggles helplessly. Left alone, Brooke struggles hard but can not free herself. Victor returns and carries her off to meet her new owner.  The excellent outtakes contain about 5 minutes of  knock out footage and about 3 minutes of bondage. The knock out footage includes great alternate takes of the chloroform scene and also an unused hit on the head scene. The bondage part includes some great alternate takes and bloopers. The scene is 24 minutes. The outtakes are 8.5 minutes. Scene #BG0860

HD MP4 1920×1080
Full Scene – 940MB
Outtakes – 328MB

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