Renting Out Her Roommate – Stacy Burke and Mary Jane Green


Renting Out Her Roommate starring Stacy Burke and Mary Jane Green
Evil Mary Jane is at it again. She ran an ad saying she had a room for rent but, when hottie Stacy moves in, Mary Jane holds her captive. Stacy is sorting laundry when MJ sneaks up and chloroforms her. Stacy, looking hot in jeans, boots and cute shirt, ends up bound on a table. Before Stacy awakens, MJ takes the opportunity to fondle her body and tits. When Stacy does wake up, she is horrified and pleads for release but MJ silences her with cloth packing and tape. She cruelly fondles her victim and informs her that she will be rented out to neighborhood men. The first customer shows up and immediately starts to grope Stacy. He strips her naked and roughly manhandles her petite body. Bending her over the table, he fondles and spanks her tasty ass while she squeals and whimpers in despair. When he has had his fill, he leaves. But Stacys torment is not over. Mary Jane returns, removes Stacys gag and soaks a cloth in chloroform. Stacy pleads not to be knocked out but MJ coldly clasps the cloth over Stacys face, knocking her unconscious. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOTI0153
20 minutes. The photo set contains 75 photos. MP4 640×480

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