Rent an Unconscious Babe – Star and Loren Chance


Rent an Unconscious Babe starring Star and Loren Chance
Beautiful Star comes home from work and is attacked by evil Loren who clasps a cloth over her face. Star manages to break free but is quickly grabbed again. Star only struggles briefly before her eyes roll back and she passes out in Loren’s arms. She is dragged to the couch. Loren has a client who pays her to knock girls out so he can play with their limp bodies. She calls him and tells him to come over. While she waits, she fondles Star herself. Star awakens, dazed and confused, so Loren quickly knocks her out again. When the guy arrives, he strips Star and gropes her luscious, lifeless body. She starts to wake up again so Loren uses a dust mask to hold the chloroform cloth on her face. Star remains in a semi-conscious state while the guy continues to play with her body. It’s really hot. When Loren and the guy leave, Star tries to crawl away but she falls over and passes out on the floor. Scene #KOB0509
22 minutes. The photo set contains 86 photos. MP4 1280×640

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