Real Estate Rivals – Jolene Hexx and Ember Stone



Real Estate Rivals starring Jolene Hexx and Ember Stone.
The models give incredible performances in this outrageous head hit clip! Real estate agent Ember, looking extremely cute in a short dress and heels, is excited about selling a condo. I her rival Jolene shows up, she’s prepared. Jolene does arrive, looking super sexy and ready to steal the sale. Ember sneaks up and smacks her on the head. Jolene’s eyes roll and she falls to her knees. A second blow knocks her to the floor. Ember puts Jolene on the couch and plays with her a bit before stripping her naked. After some sexy fondling, Jolene awakens, very groggy. In a great scene, she gets up and staggers to another room. Ember follows and uses the club on her again. Once again, two blows are required. Jolene ends up in the bathtub while Ember talks to a client. Jolene awakens and staggers around. Ember leaves her client to go subdue Jolene again with more blows to the head. Later, Jolene sneaks up on Ember and knocks her to her knees with a good smack from the club. After a second hit, Ember falls to the floor. Jolene strips her naked and fondles her hot little body. But another agent, Donovan, sneaks up and uses the club on Jolene. He leaves both girls naked in the bathtub! Scene #KOB0608

The scene is 18 minutes, the outtakes are 7 minutes. The MP4s are 1440×1080.

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