Real Estate Agent for Sale – Raven Rae and Star Nine


Real Estate Agent for Sale starring Raven Rae and Star Nine
Star is excited about the commission she’s going to get from selling a condo. But, while she checks out the kitchen, her enemy Raven sneaks up behind her. She soaks a cloth with chloroform and clasps it over Star’s face. Star struggles to escape her rival’s grasp but soon her eyes flutter and she passes out in Raven’s arm while Raven taunts her. Star wakes up in a closet, bound and gagged with tape. Raven taunts Star about stealing the sale and closes the closet door. Star struggles hard and manages to stand up. But, when Raven shows the house to a potential buyer, Star can only whimper into her gag. Later, Star frees herself and find the chloroform. When Raven returns and opens the closet, Star jumps out at her, pushes her against a wall and chloroforms her. Raven fights hard, kicking the shoes off her feet. Finally, her eyes roll back and she sinks to the floor. On the bed, Star plays with Raven’s limp body, making fun of her. Later, the buyer arrives. But when Star greets him, he hits her on the head and she falls unconscious to the bed. Raven and Star end up in the closet, bound with rope and gagged with cloth. They struggle hard and express their anger at each other. The guy tells them that he bought the house from another agent and they were included in the sale! The girls whimper, wondering what will happen to them. 25 minutes. Scene #KOTI0230 MP4 1920×1080

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