Ransom for the Rich Girl – Charlotte Stokely and Sinn Sage


Ransom for the Rich Girl starring Charlotte Stokely and Sinn Sage
Two of our hottest models ever star in this thrilling, highly erotic scene. First, Sinn and Danny plot to kidnap the richest girl in town, beautiful Charlotte. They sneak into her house and roughly wake her as she sleeps. Charlotte is terrified and pleads for mercy as Danny holds her down and Sinn ties her up securely. Charlottes mouth is packed and gagged and she is blindfolded before being carried off in Danny’s arms. Charlotte, who looks incredible in hot little panties and clingy top, is carried into dingy storage unit and plopped down on a step stool. Sinn sends Danny off so she can have some quality time with her helpless hostage. She begins by gently fondling Charlotte but, before long, she is roughly groping her hot body, squeezing and biting her luscious tits and threatening to do all kinds of horrible things to her. Charlotte squirms around in her ropes and whimpers tearfully as Sinn torments her mercilessly. Then, Charlotte has been moved inside the house and she is bound standing with her hands tied to the ceiling, her legs apart and a red leather gag silencing her protests. She is completely naked and looks perfectly helpless and vulnerable. Sinn enters and, once again, starts abusing Charlotte’s body. She gropes her all over, teases her and bites her. When Sinn notices Danny watching, she invites him to join in. He happily agrees and before long, Charlotte is being groped, teased and tormented by both Sinn and Danny. Sinn strips naked and gets nice and close to Charlotte. The sight of their two exquisite bodies rubbing together while Danny continues to fondle Charlotte is indescribably hot. Later, Sinn announces that the ransom has been paid and she and Danny discuss Charlotte’s fate. Sinn wants to leave her tied up out in the desert but she settles for something less cruel. They leave Charlotte naked and gagged and handcuffed to a tree in the park. About 1.5 minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #BG0441
29 minutes. The photo set contains 86 photos. MP4 640×480

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