Ransom – Anastasia Pierce and Tiffany Taylor


Ransom starring Anastasia Pierce and Tiffany Taylor
Looking hot in short teddies, the girls are kidnapped from their home by two vicious criminals (there are a couple of great hand-over-mouth scenes). They are carried into the kidnappers hideout and the abuse begins immediately. The girls are threatened, fondled and insulted. They are untied and forced to strip naked. They are tied to chairs with their legs apart. They are relentlessly played with, fondled and abused. The terrified hostages are forced to put on a show for their captors. While the guys jeer and taunt them, the girls, hands still tied, rub their tits and bodies against each other. Their gags are removed and they are ordered to kiss each other. Finally, they are tied together, face to face. Scene #BG0113
MP4 640×480
23 minutes. The photo set contains 80 photos.

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