Putting You To Sleep – Scarlett Mae



Putting You To Sleep starring Scarlett Mae
Gorgeous Scarlett is seductively evil as she uses a cloth and liquid to torment you. You met her at a bar and she came on to you so you brought her to your house. Now, you’re tied up and Scarlett is in control. She teases you bit then soaks a cloth in chloroform and pushes it in your face. She enjoys it so she keeps torturing you with it, holding it up to your face. She teases you, pulling down her top and playing with her perfect tits. She even holds the cloth to her own face a few times just for fun. Finally, she ties the cloth to your face and teases you while you go to sleep. This is a fun, sexy POV clip! 12 minutes. Scene #KOB0709 1920×1080 MP4

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