Punished P.I. – Stacy Burke


Punished P.I. starring Stacy Burke
Fetish superstar Stacy Burke plays a tough private detective who is held captive and tortured by some vicious thugs. Held at gunpoint, Stacy is ordered to remove her boots and to gag herself using her own socks. Stacy is securely bound, blindfolded and locked in a closet. The bastards even put a bandage gag over Stacy’s cleave gag. After much struggling, Stacy is removed from the closet and untied. Still gagged, she is forced to strip naked and is bound kneeling on a chair with hands over her head. The sock and bandage gags are replaced with a mouth-filling ballgag. She is fondled by both guys and smacked many times with a riding crop. Stacy screams as clamps are attached to her nipples. She hangs her head in despair when she is told that the torture will continue for a long, long time. Scene #BG0118
28 minutes. MP4 640×480

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