Pummeled and Posed 3 – Mary Jane Green


Pummeled and Posed 3 starring Mary Jane Green
The raven-haired beauty is hit on the head and posed in some unusual positions in this erotic scene. Mary Jane looks stunning in a gray dress, hose and heels. She tells her friend on the phone how she was supposed to testify in a big trial but kept blacking out. Luckily, they rescheduled the trial for today. Meanwhile villain Tim has sneaked in and spies on her. When she hangs up, he clobbers her on the head with a blackjack, knocking her unconscious. Mary Jane’s body looks amazing as she falls back onto the couch, her legs flailing as she falls. The camera travels up and down her limp body. Her legs are apart and you see up her skirt to her sexy panties. Tim places her in an unusual face down position with her legs up and her head down toward the floor. He pulls her dress up to reveal her sheer panties and garter belt. She awakens and tries to stagger away but he hits her again. She falls face down onto a chair, her limp limbs going in every direction. Once again, her dress is pulled up. He turns her over into a face up position with her legs hanging off the chair. Then he re-positions her with her legs up and her head hanging down. She awakens and makes her way into the kitchen. She is hit again and falls face down over the dishwasher. Tim pulls up her dress and puts a bottle of vodka in her hand. When the court officer arrives to pick her up, she awakens and has a hard time explaining what happened. A few seconds of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0564
24 minutes. The photo set has 86 photos. 1280×640.

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