Psychology and Stockings – Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage


Psychology and Stockings starring Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage
Both girls are gorgeous in short skirts and tan pantyhose. In Clip 1, Angie goes to see her sexy psychologist, Samantha. Angie agrees to be put in a trance and lies on the couch. Speaking in a soft, soothing voice, Samantha puts Angie in a trance. Once Angie is completely entranced, Samantha orders her to worship her feet. Angie passionately kisses and sucks Samanthas lovely toes and soles. Pulling up her shirt, she rubs her breasts with Sam’s feet. In Clip 2, Sam shows up at Angie’s home. As soon as Sam touches her, she goes back into a trance. In the bedroom, the girls passionately worship each others feet and rub each others crotches and tits with their sexy stocking feet. Stripping to just their control top pantyhose, they kiss and make out on the bed. Sam gets dressed and leaves Angie there, still entranced. Scene #FTSF0135

Clip 1 is 15 minutes, Clip 2 is 14 minutes. 720×480.

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