Psychological Torture – Loren Chance


Psychological Torture starring Loren Chance
At the very beginning of this scene, we briefly see Jack cruelly tormenting Gina Rae who is bound and gagged and is wearing video viewing glasses through which Jack is showing her videos of other women being bound and tormented. The video he is showing her now is of sexy Loren. Loren is securely bound with hands over head and is silenced with a frightening looking leather gag. Looking very hot in jeans and tight top, Loren, who is also blindfolded, looks especially vulnerable on her knees as Jack walks around her. Jack pulls up Loren’s top to reveal a white bra and then gropes her mercilessly. Next, Loren wears a skirt, black hose and a sweater, which is open in the front to reveal a white bra. As Jack binds Loren (very securely, including elbows) he forces her to tell him about some bizarre bondage experiences from her past. Once Loren is gagged with a tight strap, Jack enjoys running his hands all over her body, giving special attention to her tits. Loren pleads through her gag but Jack is unmoved. Later, Loren is back in jeans and tight top. She is bound very tightly and wears a combination ball gag and blindfold with a harness. Once again, Jack delights in fondling and groping his helpless captive before putting her into an even stricter tie. This is a very powerful and dramatic scene and both Loren and Jack give gritty, realistic performances. 21 minutes. Scene #BG0406

MP4 640×480

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