Psycho Ex – Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx



Psycho Ex starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx
Great performances from 2 incredibly hot actresses in this erotic damsel scene! Diana is excited about her new roommate, Jolene.  She’s unaware that Jolene is the crazy ex girlfriend of Diana’s current boyfriend. Diana finds herself tied up on her bed in sexy underwear.  Jolene tapes Diana’s mouth shut then plays with her hot captive. She gropes her tits and cruelly taunts her. She calls the boyfriend and tells him to come over if he wants to see Diana again! Jolene torments Diana a bit more as the scene ends. A few minutes of excellent outtakes are included. They feature lots of shots of Diana in bondage!  22 minutes. Scene #BG0847

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 (890MB)

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