Prescription for Unconsciousness – Charlie Laine


Prescription for Unconsciousness starring Charlie Laine
Charlie looks adorable in pink pajamas even though she has a horrible cold. First, she is home sick and the doctor has advised her to use a vaporizor for her cold. But when she is out of the room, the creepy doctor shows up and drugs the vaporizor! As the mist infiltrates the room, Charlie becomes becomes very sleepy and slowly succumbs to the airborne knock out agent. After Charlie passes out from the fumes, the devious doc strips her and gives her a bath in the tub. Then, he carries Charlies limp body to the bedroom and sweetly tucks her into bed. When Charlie comes to, he chloroforms her and molests and manipulates her body a little bit. He tucks her under the covers and leaves. This time when she wakes up, she feels horribly violated and ashamed and she cries helplessly to herself. Scene #KOB0101

19 minutes. The photo set contains 113 photos. MP4 640×480

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