Predatory Lender – Cali Logan and Loren Chance


Predatory Lender starring Cali Logan and Loren Chance
Gorgeous Cali is held captive by angry Loren in this dramatic scene. Cali works for a bank which is unfairly trying to throw poor Loren out of her home. So, Loren forces Cali to call her office and have some money wired into Lorens bank account. Loren then ties Cali up securely. Despite lots of earnest pleading, Loren packs her mouth and ties a cloth between her teeth. Cali struggles for a while and is horrified when Loren fondles her tasty tits. Loren then forces Cali into a small closet and locks her in. Later, Cali is forced to strip naked. She is bound with lots of tape, which secures much of her body. Loren decides to completely humiliate her hostage. She pulls off her own panties, stuffs them in Cali’s mouth and pulls Calis pantyhose over her head, securing them with another piece of cloth. Cali is left struggling on the bed, wondering when she will be found. The outtakes include plenty of footage of Loren tying Cali as well as some great close ups of the soles of Cali’s bound bare feet. Scene BG0560

25 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. MP4 640×480

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