Power Woman’s Endless Torment – Nina Neon and Stacy Burke


Power Woman’s Endless Torment starring Nina Neon and Stacy Burke
Evil, lusty Nina has captured fiery Stacy and torments her relentless. Nina holds Stacy at gunpoint while she torments her. Nina removes Stacys belt, which is the source of her superhero powers, rendering Stacy weak and helpless. Nina forces Stacy to handcuff herself and then, to Stacys utter humiliation, whips her with the commandeered belt. Then, Stacy is bound tight, pulled between suspension cuffs and a spreader bar, struggling and awaiting the next onslaught of degradation from Nina. Nina fondles and tortures Stacy with a riding crop.  Stacy has escaped but she is foolishly back for more. Her invasion of Nina’s secret lair once again proves disastrous. Nina recaptures her and handcuffs her.  Nina drags Stacy over to a chair and ties her up for more torment. Then, Nina fondles and insults Stacy before shoving a big pink ballgag in her mouth. Later, the humiliation continues as Nina walks Stacy around on the hard floor like a dog and smacks her ass with a riding crop.  Nina forces Stacy into submission, making her worship and clean Ninas tall leather boots with her tongue. She finishes the scene with cruel fondling and insults. 60 minutes. Scene #SHBD0005
MP4 640×480

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