Power of the Orb – Sinn Sage


Power of the Orb starring Sinn Sage
Sexy brunette Sinn looks amazing as superheroine Golden Hawk. As she nears a mysterious purple orb in the hideout of the evil Dr. Miracolo, the demented doctor sneaks up behind her and clasps a chloroform soaked rag over her face. Golden Hawk fights hard against him, but cannot escape his clutches. Eventually, the chloroform causes her eyes to flutter and knocks her out. While she is unconscious, the orb fires a mind control ray at her. Golden Hawk wakes up hypnotized. Dr. Miracolo interrogates the entranced superheroine. Golden Hawk answers him in a monotone voice. He commands her to retrieve a bottle of Chloranite, a potent super-chloroform, from her laboratory. When Golden Hawk returns with the substance, Dr. Miracolo commands her strip naked. She obeys. Before chloroforming her, Dr. Miracolo snaps Golden Hawk out of her trance so that she will experience the terror of being knocked unconscious against her will. Dr. Miracolo douses her own glove in the Chloranite, then holds it over her face, making her breathe in the fumes. She tries to fight her way out of his clutches, but before long, the chloranite makes her eyes flutter and she is too weak to struggle. She passes out in Dr. Miracolos arms and he lowers her to the ground. Dr. Miracolo then announces his plan to use the Chloronite against all of the other superheroines.  9 minutes. Scene #SHMI0012
MP4 640×480

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