Posed For His Pleasure – Charlotte Stokely


Posed For His Pleasure starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte is chloroformed and placed in some unusual positions in this hot scene. In a suspenseful opening segment, Charlotte gets ready to go out, unaware that villain Tim is right outside the bathroom door, soaking a cloth in chloroform. He uses so much that it drips on the floor. When Charlotte leaves the bathroom, Tim is gone. She goes to the laundry room to sort panties and Tim spies on her from behind. He grabs her and clasps the cloth over her face. She struggles hard but Tim holds her tight, at one point picking her feet up off the floor. Charlotte’s eyes roll and she appears to be unconscious. But, when Tim pulls the cloth away, she starts to awaken and he has to apply it again. Tim picks her up in a standing position and moves her to the living room before carrying her in his arms to the couch. He manipulates her limp limbs for a while. Then he places her in weird pose with legs spread wide. He places her in several other poses, including seated and lying face down with her ass mostly exposed. Charlotte’s limp body looks incredible in her short black dress and Tim can’t resist taking photos. Charlotte is stripped down to her panties and garter hose when she wakes up. Tim grabs her and chloroforms her from the front. He places her on a coffee table, first face up, then face down. Finally, he places her on the couch and leaves. When Charlotte awakens, she is horrified. About 4 minutes of outtakes are included. They feature unused footage from the chloro scenes. Scene #KOB0593
28 minutes. 1280×720. The photo set has 77 photos.

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