Pool Party – Charlie Laine and Promise


Pool Party starring Charlie Laine and Promise
The girls look incredible in sexy bikinis. First, they lounge by the pool. They take off their swimsuits and play in the pool. The playing leads to making out–the girls kiss and caress each others exquisite bodies. They lie nude by the pool and fall asleep. A creepy villain, who has been watching the girls lesbian love-fest, sneaks in and chloroforms Charlie while Promise dozes. Then, he chloroforms Promise. He carries Charlie into the house. To be honest, the ko stuff occurs in the last 3 minutes of the clip. The first 8 minutes are the make-out scene. Then, the guy returns to the pool area and fondles Promises limp, nude body, He carries her inside and places her on a bed next to Charlie. He poses the girls lifeless bodies in several very sexy positions. He manipulates their hands to fondle each other. Toward the end of the scene, each girl wakes up and is chloroformed again. Scene #KOB0142

22 minutes. The photo set contains 144 photos. MP4 640×480

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