Please Untie Me – Star Nine


Please Untie Me starring Star Nine
Gorgeous Star comes home from work in her short skirt, blouse, tan nylons and heels. She notices something is wrong and knows she is right when Tim grabs her from behind and clasps his hand over her mouth. His accomplice Loren gets in Star’s face and tells her that they are on the run from the law and need to hide out at Star’s house. The terrified Star is pushed to the couch and they begin tying her up. Despite her pleading, they cruelly stuff a rag in her mouth and pull another cloth between her teeth.  Left alone, Star struggles hard but the ropes are not budging. She slips her shoes off and tries to hop away but Loren grabs her. Loren is pissed off and decides to punish her captive.  She ties yet another cloth gag over Star’s mouth and blindfolds her. She humiliates her victim by groping her tits, opening her blouse so she can stick her hands in. She pulls Star’s bra all the way down and calls Tim in to share her enjoyment. Tim and Loren push Star back and forth between them, groping and taunting her constantly. When they have had their fill, they discuss what to do with the helpless Star. They decide to tie her very securely and leave her there. Star is ordered to strip naked and she has no choice but to do it. Star ends up tightly bound with lots of tape. She pleads in vain not to be gagged but her captors pack her mouth and wrap it in tape. Star, naked and humiliated, struggles on the bed. But her torment is not over yet. The villains return and use rope to secure Star to the bed at the neck and feet. Sadistic Loren enjoys telling Star that the rope around her neck will get tighter if she struggles. They leave and Star whimpers in terror, uncertain of her fate. The outtakes include some great footage of Star being bound. Scene #BG0691

MP4 1280×680. 34 minutes. Outtakes are 4.5 minutes. The photo set has 98 photos.

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