Please Let Us Go – Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie



Please Let Us Go starring Chrissy Marie and Ashley Lane
Ashley and Chrissy are the perfect damsels in this exciting clip! Looking hot in their short skirts, they sit on the couch, bound and struggling. Ashley says she thinks the criminal has taken them hostage because her ex-boyfriend owes him lots of money. When the creepy villain, Donovan, returns, the girls beg not to be gagged but he packs their mouths and gags them. Left alone, the girls struggle hard. Eventually, they remove their shoes and slide down to the floor. Unable to free themselves, they have to sit quietly while the gangster discusses their fate with his boss on the phone. The creeps decide to sell the girls to a pimp they know. Next, the girls are bound, naked, sitting on the floor with their legs around each other. Tight gags are pulled between their teeth and the girls struggle and whimper helplessly. Later, the girls are bound and gagged with shiny silver tape. They squirm around in a tiny closet, terrified at what will happen to them. Donovan opens the door to taunt them before locking them in for the night. The clip includes a few minutes of fun outtakes featuring some nice shots of the girls in bondage. 25 minutes. Scene #BG0786
MP4 1920×1080

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