Please Don’t Hurt Me – Star and Loren Chance


Please Don’t Hurt Me starring Star and Loren Chance
One of our best crime-drama bondage scenes ever! Beautiful, innocent star gives an excellent performance as an office worker who is cruelly tormented by her criminal co-workers. Star, Loren and James are going to a convention. But Star mentions that she has noticed some money missing from the company account. It turns out Loren and James have been robbing the company blind and they realize they can not let Star go. While Star pleads not to be harmed, the cold-hearted villains discuss tying her up. Looking gorgeous in her secretary skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels, Star is securely bound on screen by Loren. Her mouth is packed and a shiny cloth is tied over it. Loren and James take turns fondling Stars luscious body. Her blouse is opened and her bra pulled down to reveal lovely tits. James removes her shoes and plays with her feet before bending her over a chair and fondling her nylon-clad ass. Left alone, Star struggles and whimpers helplessly. She hops around and tries to free herself but the villains return and catch her. In a lengthy dialogue scene, Star begs them to just tie her up again and not harm her. Sadistic Loren forces Star to describe how she wants to be tied and gagged. Star is forced to strip naked. Her wrists, ankles, knees and elbows are bound and her arms and legs are sleeved in nylon stocking. Star even has to endure a tight crotch rope. Loren removes her boots and stuffs her dirty socks in Star’s mouth. Star’s pantyhose are pulled over her head and a cloth gag and blindfold are added! She is left on the floor, struggling against her inescapable bonds! The outtakes feature footage of Star being tied up. Scene #BG0636

44 minutes. The outtakes are 11 minutes. The photo set has 88 photos. MP4 1280×680

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