Pitiful in Pink – Emily Addison


Pitiful in Pink starring Emily Addison
Beautiful superheroine Emily, looking incredible in an outrageous pink costume that accentuates her ample tits, comes to a remote location, looking for a vicious criminal known as The Creep. Unfortunately, he finds her first, sneaks up on her and knocks her out with chloroform. As Emily sinks into unconsciousness, The Creep takes the opportunity to grope her breasts. Emily is dragged away and awakens bound and ball-gagged, standing on a fireplace with her arms apart and her legs strapped together. She struggles hard and is terrified when The Creep returns with a riding crop. He uses the crop to intimidate his helpless captive. He then torture the superheroine by holding a chloroform soaked cloth over her face several times and pulling it away before she passes out. Finally, he holds it over her face until she is out cold. Emily awakens tied to a chair, her top pulled down and a shiny black cloth tied over her mouth. The Creep torments and intimidates her with the crop again. When he has had his fill, he removes her gag and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. 19 minutes. Scene #SHKT0036
MP4 640×480

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